International Child and Family Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, FireWalk Instructor   

F i r e w a l k   C h a l l e n g e

International Firewalk Day fundraising for Headway.

              Saturday 7th April 2018 the world will be celebrating International Firewalk Day.

Firewalking is a tool used all over the world to help people overcome limiting beliefs that prevent them from using their full potential. International Firewalk Day is putting the spotlight on this ancient method to free people from their unnecessary fears.

International Firewalk Day is an annual event taking place on the first Saturday in April, and this is its first year. It is estimated that only 5 – 6 million people have walked on Fire and this day is an opportunity for many more to experience the joy, wisdom and personal development that can come with Firewalking.

Firewalking is an ancient tradition across all the continents and while it has died out in some countries, it is still a living tradition in many. Since the 1970’s it has become more accessible in Western Culture and now there are Firewalk Instructors in most countries on the planet.

International Firewalk is also an opportunity for these Firewalk Instructors to celebrate and share this wonderful, life-changing activity with the rest of the world. This worldwide event is taking part in 12 countries including us in Rutland Leicestershire, UK with your very own Diane Gower,International Therapist and Firewalker Instructor.

Here, it will be celebrated in aid of supporting Headway to Raise ABUNDANCE OF HOT MONEY for this worthy charity .

                  Will you take the heat for Headway?

               Why waste energy on that 25 mile sponsored hike?
            How about a short firewalk instead?  

Taking part in a Firewalk is not for the faint-hearted but offers a fantastic personal challenge and a unique  opportunity for family and friendsto sponsor you as you step out over the hot coals. 

 A challenge which will really get people talking whilst raising some real ‘HOT MONEY’!

Why not come along and be  a Headway Angel  for a few hours.

Whatever your motivation, if you choose to take the Firewalk Angel challenge, the elation you feel after just a few steps will stay with you forever!           

Teams welcome!

About this amazing charity - Headway House Day Centre

Following a brain injury an individual may require support to adjust to any physical/sensory or cognitive changes that may have resulted.  Headway House is a safe supportive environment which enables individuals to practise or re-learn skills that may have been affected.

Communication may also be affected by brain injury in a variety of different ways.  Some people may have word finding difficulties making conversation slow, disjointed and frustrating; they may speak in jumbled sentences, speak with a slur, have problems with pitch and volume or have no verbal communication at all.  In public or in a social setting they often feel embarrassed or too anxious to try to communicate; their concern is that others may not understand or will view them differently. Some are afraid they will be made to look or feel stupid.


Those who attend often say that it is the only place that they can ‘be themselves’ and don’t feel embarrassed to try new things. The social opportunity is very valuable too; being able to talk to others who have had similar experiences and really understand how you feel is extremely important. 

Headway does not want individuals to become dependent upon their support.  As soon as someone starts at Headway they meet and develop a Personal Development Plan or PDP. They  identify specific goals and areas of difficulties so that they can be targeted to enable people to ‘move forward’.  PDP’s are reviewed every 3 months.  The practice within Headway is to encourage everyone to achieve as much as possible to enable them to move forward from Headway. Sometimes this will be into education, voluntary work, paid employment or simply to be able to live independently.

Each day they are supported by three staff, one of which is a woodworker.  There are also volunteers providing assistance.  For those that have a high level of support needs they are able to bring their own 1:1 support worker/personal assistant.

Self esteem, confidence and motivation can be seriously affected by a brain injury; therefore the focus of Headway House is “activity”.  They encourage everyone to be actively involved in the wide variety of activities on offer.

From personally visiting Headway House and met with a beautiful dedicated  team who truly wanted to make a difference to peoples affected by brain injury.

I also met with those who had been affected by Brain Injury who all informed me that this wonderful centre has changed theirs and families life's