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Lakelands Hospice

Since opening in 2001, Lakelands Hospice has helped in excess of 2000 families in the North Northamptonshire, South Leicestershire and Rutland community.

As demand in the community for palliative care and respite day care continues to grow, they need to grow too.

It was projected to cost in excess of £515,000 in 2016/17 in order to meet the needs of those among our community suffering with life limiting illnesses such as Cancer, COPD, Heart Failure, Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease.


The hospice is entirely funded by voluntary donations and support from the local community. Together they truly make a difference to the lives of people in our community.

This independent charity is committed to delivering the best possible practice and development of specialist palliative care for people with cancer, heart failure and other life-limiting illnesses.

All staff, volunteers, truly honour people's right to dignity and respect during all stages of their illness, by improving the quality of life of all hospice attendees and their families with their beautiful care and professionalism.

Lakelands Hospice also has an amazing and truly home service that aims to deliver overnight skilled nursing care for patients during their last two weeks of life.


A brief history of this amazing Charity and story so far

 Lakelands Day Care Hospice was set up as a direct response to the needs of local Corby people living with cancer, heart failure and other life limiting illnesses. The experiences of local residents identified the need for a facility to care and support those with life limiting illnesses such as cancer.

1988- Co-founders Vic Hardy and Jean Clark joined together and spent the next 13 years raising the £1 million needed in order to build the hospice in Butland Road, Corby.

2001- The day care hospice was finally opened in July 2001.

2007 - The Mayor of Corby officially opened our new charity department store and café in October.

2010 - A brand new minibus was purchased in June, making it much easier and far more comfortable for patients to travel to the hospice.

 In August,  Lakelands Hospice launched its new "Hospice at Home" care service. Running as an extension to Lakelands Day Care, this provides much needed overnight care by registered nurses, for terminally ill patients in the last two weeks of their life.

 2012- Lakelands welcomes Corby born Lawrence Olivier Award winning actor Brendan Coyle as a patron for the charity.

 Lakelands Hospice became the first hospice in the country to receive the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Accreditation Quality Hallmark Award for the quality of its end of life care.

 In October Lakelands Hospice received the Outstanding Service Award at the annual Corby Business Group Awards cermony.

Lakelands Hospice, Butland Road, Corby, NN18 8LX.

Registered Charity Number - 1062120