Warmest welcome to Diane Gower-SimplyDivine  

International Child and Family Therapist, Family Constellations Practitioner

Shamanic Practitoner, Breathwork Practitioner, Holistic Health Practitioner,

                            Charity Firewalk Instructor Fundraiser


Brought to you all with love and many blessings

Hosting and  bringing  to you inspiring events and healing treatments for the

Mind, Body, Spirit. All classes, workshops and events delivered by highly professional  Local, Regional ,National and Global  Practitioners, Spiritual  Teachers ,Masters. In a beautiful setting without constraints of walls.... yes off the grid, out in nature within the heart of rural Rutland

                                                                                                                              Circle of love


In honour of all those around the world who have lost their life's to 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

 Today in isolation, prayers sent, as the our new Prayer tree is erected

(Clootie tree, Rag Tree)

"Prayers to you and your family around the World"

History of the Prayer Tree

The prayer tree came before pre - Christian times and  Ancient tradition within many cultures around the World. It is used for all faiths and suggested that the cloth takes away the sickness as it frays in the wind and de composes within the elements. In some traditions, they place natural plant medicine such as tobacco within the cloth, as a offering .

Within the Native American tradition ,Diane became a Sundancer in USA among different tribes from around the world . She also comes from a line of ancestors of Celtic lands in Scotland where there is the (Clootie tree) and Ireland (the Rag Tree)

Today Diane has erected a prayer tree and you can place a  prayer ribbons on the tree  for those who  are sick or perhaps blessings of gratitude

Prayers  to all those in hospital and may they have a speedy recovery.

Prayers to each life lost around the world and much love and prayers to their families.

Prayers gone up for those who requested a prayer tie for family or friends.

Prayers to all the woman who are working hard with their preparation for “Walking in Beauty” coming soon.

Payers for brighter balanced future

NHS workers, Mental Health Workers,Social Care and Health Workers
Care staff ,Volunteers, Charity Workers, Hospice Staff, our service men and woman

To all the public service men and woman, all the local shop worker, teachers
To the postal service workers ,To all those who support quietly and behind the scenes .

Prayers Including
Lakelands Hospice,Headway Rutland Leicestershire ,Mind Woman’s Aid,British Legion
For our Elders, For the vulnerable, Our Future Generation.
Those suffering in Mind, Body, Spirit, To the homeless, Those with little or without food, Those with addiction, Those with disabilities, To parents and carers with disabled family members and in isolation, To all families in high raised blocks To those unemployed ,To all family and friends in isolation.

Keep the prayers flowing and I will continue to put prayers on prayer tree on your behalf  (while in isolation)

Messages to - [email protected] or Whats App 0784895629

Once restrictions lifted, come and add your gratitude prayer &  Look out for special announcement of a beautiful day coming soon

Prayers and gratitude for all that we have.

Walk in Beauty & Much love Diane

Simply Divine -Sacred Water Re-birthing Breath Work Retreats

Day Retreats  Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Firewalking Charity Angels

With Diane Gower

Become one of our hundreds of Firewalking Angels where we raise valuable money for Charities within the UK in a compassionate and safe manner. to date we have raised thousands of pounds for some of the most heart warming individuals ,families and teams.   - 

Lakelands Hospice - Supporting those individuals and their families within the community.

Headway - For individuals and families within the community who have experienced Brain Injury

Mind- For those currently experiencing Mental Health

Maplefields School - For Children who have Special Needs and their families

British Legion - For our Elders who have walked before us.

WITH MANY MORE BEAUTIFUL CHARITIES TO COME..... Thankyou we are truly humble

Mother Earth Healing Lodges

Inipi (Sweat lodges)

Mother Earth Lodges &  Full Moon Lodges NOW AVAILABLE

Mother Earth Lodges Woman Only & Mixed Not for profit Donations only as we support Woman & Men Charities . Many Blessings Diane

Free Spirit Workshops

With  beautiful and compassionate  Mind, Body, Spirit, Practitioners

uplifting and inspiring  outdoor



 Whissendine Sport Club

Whissendine Village



Arrivals please come through gate and park in Whissendine Sports Centre Car park

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