International Child and Family Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, FireWalk Instructor   


3/ 4 Day Magical Journey of Self Discovery

24th August - 27th August 2018           

I am truly privileged to announce that First Nation, Native American Elder, Chief Standing Cloud, will be our honoured guest, for the first time within the UK.

Taken place in the heart of the countryside of beautiful Rutland,  these MAGICAL  4 days you will  receive authentic powerful teachings, healing and purification to the mind, body and spirit.

Born on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota and named by family member Brave Hawk, Brule. Chief Standing Cloud from, Oglala Lakota tribe (Sioux) carries his tradition and culture proudly with dignity and honour used by the Lakota ways today.

Chief Standing Cloud an artist uses many mediums to deliver his artwork “Winter Count” form, made up of prayers, dreams, visions and hopes. As an artist, much of this is expressed when he delivers teachings. Chief Standing Cloud is also a Chanupa carrier of the sacred pipe where he delivers prayers to the creator while in sacred ceremony.


You will also during the weekend have opportunity to meet and work with Diane Gower student of Chief Standing Cloud, International Therapist .Shamanic Practitioner and Empowerment and Firewalker Instructor.

Alongside many other beautiful practitioners, healers who deliver a range of therapies and preforming arts so get ready for some amazing healing ,drumming, singing, dancing, gong baths and so much.

These practitioners I truly have “No explanation just acclaimed reputation” and we will be truly blessed to have them with us. Their beautiful work they do for individuals, communities, within the UK and around the world is truly humbling.

These inspiring guest supporting this “Magical” weekend with Chief Standing Cloud are to date –

Gongs by Julia

“Julia mission is to create communities where all are equal, boundaries are invisible, memories are made, dreams are possible and friendships are forever”

On the Sunday, Julia and Michael will be facilitating sound therapy through their magical connection to overtones of the beautiful gongs.
Julia is an accredited Gong Master who practises the art of gongs within communities, educational organizations and business. Julia and her partner will bring about harmonic balance to individuals on many different levels such as physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual.

What is a Gong Bath?”
The goal is to give you an experience of yourself as pure awareness, liminal, and limitless!
During a gong session, your body absorbs sounds that it needs for healing whilst filtering out what is no longer required. The complex, yet delicate, overtones of the gongs, allow our superficial thoughts to dissipate and you can easily reach a much deeper consciousness leaving you in a very calm, relaxed state. The gong vibrations continue to work long after the gong bath has finished. Gong healing works on various levels – physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual. Negativity and chaos are suspended; irregularity and resistance disappear and the whole being is returned to harmonic balance.
A lot like love, the gongs need to be experienced!
Come along and try this treat for the soul. Ask anyone who has experienced the gongs and they will tell you it is the ULTIMATE reset button.

Turtle Lodge Healing
Jason Sewell will be joining you in ceremony to support with healing within the Inipi ceremonies throughout the weekend .
Jason Swell is a Tai Chi teacher Instructor and authentic healer. Jason also has been running monthly Sweat Lodge Ceremonies in Nottinghamshire, since 2003. Whilst bringing his own gentle energy into the ceremonies he also works with great authenticity and care to honour his teachers & the traditions of the Maya of Chiapasin trained by Roland Torikiana, curandero (healer) from the Maya tradition in Cristobal – Chiapas Mexico and at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.


Amanda Adams
Amanda Adams will be joining you in ceromony and supporting specific ceremonies throughout the weekend . Amanda is an authentic beautiful Scottish freelance Reiki Shamanic healing, EFT and Breathwork practitioner and delivers beautiful Eastern Facial Massage. She is also a visual artist and maker predominantly involved in painting; she also works in printmaking, sculpture, sound, film and installation. 

Making a difference:

This event is not for profit and Chief Standing Cloud and Practitoners have volunteered their time and service without requesting any fees, to bring together a magical weekend to you all in making a difference. This I truly believe comes from each and everyone of their authentic love and compassion in all that they do - Many blessings and gratitude to you all.

Your exchange has equally allowed this event to happen for you and the collective, who are interested in many of the multi cultural practices and teachings taken place.-  Many blessings to you individually.

Your exchange will support with building upon future events to grow and develop with diverse multi culturial ways allowing other teachings to take place here in the uk for local practitoners and globally.

Your exchange is supporting with  local communities in making a difference, by building upon resources to develop programmes for the young and more vulnerable people in the community.(with your exchange for this event, funds is being injected into the sports club and land to support with much needed resources to enable this)

Your exchange will support with Chief Standing Cloud, chosen group within his community of children and woman who are in need of support.

With your exchange you are making a difference in the world to bring much needed healing and peace and so much more.

For artist feel free to bring your crafts to barter or exchange during the weekend.


FAQ - What can I bring into the event?

  1. Please bring your beautiful authentic self with an open mind and heart.


 Please bring tent, sleeping bag, plate cup, cutlery, black bag, warm clothes and socks.

Blanket, cushions during ceremonies.


What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

There is car parking available however if you are coming as group please think about car sharing.

Car Park will be closed and locked during the weekend however we advise you DO NOT leave ANY valuables in vehicle as we are not responsible.


Coming via other transport

Airport:  East Midlands Airport  27.2 miles

Train: The nearest station is Oakham and only 5.2 miles away - taxis are available outside station.

Bus: The nearest station is Oakham and 5.2 miles away from station- taxis are available.


Is food available?

Due to individual requirements please bring your own bag of goodies for eating and anything that you would like to share in our community kitchen as an offering to the group (however not necessary).

A Fridge is available, please put labels on if required.


What you can’t do or take to the event?

No large tents

No camp fires (we have one)

No leaving ANY rubbish around camp

No offensive weapons

No drugs or alcohol

No offensive language or behaviour. Anyone found to be, will be asked to leave immediately.


Valuable gifts

Please DO NOT bring valuables- all sacred objects are brought at your own discretion as we take NO responsibility of things go missing.


Due to early start of some ceremonies and nearby neighbours, noise around camp requires to be lower after 9pm for those resting.


Can I smoke?

Smoking Tabaco (ONLY) is allowed in designated areas.


Is there toilets?

Yes both men and woman toilets are available


Are showers available?

Yes a communal shower is available. (Segregated times ONLY for men and woman) 

There is a small fee of £1.50 per person a day

Please bring your own towel and wash products


What's the refund policy?

No refund policy once places are booked and confirmed.

If however we cancel event, we will contact you and TOTAL refund will be given.


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes please bring ticket with you.


 Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Due to event tickets are NOT transferable to another date.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

You can gift to another person if you are unable to attend, however we MUST be informed in advance.


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

You can contact direct - Diane Gower at [email protected]


For all participants

Dress code:

•              Woman- If you have sarong please bring and wear at all times. (if not please wear long skirts)

•              Woman – Short or long sleeve T shirts (please no showing shoulders or cleverages).

•              Woman- If wearing trousers or jeans (please wear long skirt over).

•              Men- T shirt or shirts - at no point to be topless

•              Men- Long shorts or comfortable trousers


For Sacred Ceremonies:

 It is customary to bring a small offering to a Chief- but not necessary (Please wrap in red cloth or tie in red string /ribbon)


•              Tabaco (preferably Native American Spirit - can purchase from Asda)

•              Small candle

•              Herbs- such as sage, cedar, sweet grass.

•              Other personal small objects.


Other items to bring for self for ceremony’s

If you have drum, rattle, flutes or any other sacred objects please feel free to bring.

•              Stick or small branch

•              Round piece of card

•              Ribbons, cloth, string, feathers, nature materials, crystals, paints, pens, mirrors, bells, hides and craft                        

                Materials you wish to bring and share with participants if wish.



•              Small bottle full of water from your home, spring or river nearby

•              Handful of soil, from your garden or nearby local area

•              8  x 1p  (Penny’s) and small black cloth or bag

Inipi ceremony what’s needed?

•              Men- Shorts and towels

•              Woman -Long skirt and T shirt (not see through) and towel.

•              Comfortable foot wear for outside Inipi and ceremony tents



Ladies: If on Moon Time please inform Diane ON ARRIVAL.****Please READ information about Moon Lodge ****ON HERE

•              Plenty of bottles of water - preferably place water in one glass bottle with name on label.

•              Any personal sacred objects/ flowers/ candles/ for blessing on the alter


Many blessings to you & look forward seeing you soon, your journey just began.

Diane Gower, Chief Sanding Cloud and team x

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin