Warmest welcome to Diane Gower-SimplyDivine  

International Child and Family Therapist, Family Constellations Practitioner

Shamanic Practitoner, Breathwork Practitioner, Holistic Health Practitioner,

                            Charity Firewalk Instructor Fundraiser

One to one with Diane Gower

These are private and confidential sessions that are over a two - three hour session with clients from young people to elderly.

Diane a warm practitioner has made a difference to peoples life and has been evolving her personal development and practice for over 25 years. Working generically with infants, children, young people, middle age, elderly to end of life.

Many of her clients had been affected by depression, anxiety, fear, self esteem, drug, alcohol, mental health, physical, emotional, mental, sexual abuse, learning disabilities, brain injury, strokes, tourette's, post traumatic stress (PTS) ASD, domestic violence (male, female and children), bereavement loss, separation, life transistions and many more challenges.If you feel you are ready for change and want to experience immense healing ,personal growth, increased confidence, and self belief in a truly beautiful life, that you deserve then get in touch.


To book your place please email Diane in the first instance