International Child and Family Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, FireWalk Instructor   

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26th April Whissendine Rutland Charity Event   WOMAN AID  (Woman Only)

4th May Derbyshire Transformation Retreat

May 11th  Whissendine Rutland   Charity Event Hypermobility EDS & Hypermobility /Other Charity Fundraisers

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Firewalking with Diane Gower

“Living a more fulfilling harmonious life by taken charge of your own destiny….dispersing old limited views and beliefs.”

Diane Gower, has been working with many settings for over a quarter of Century. From being a International Child and Family Therapist, Play Therapist, Social Work Practitioner, Clinical Consultant, International Speaker in Mental Health, Holistic Health Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner and undertook many roles within Education, Social Care, Health, Local, National and International Charities.

Diane deliver purification and healing Inipi (Sweat Lodges) from different linages and during the summer of 2017 she was a guest of USA Fire Chief at the International Sun Dance. where she Diane is now a student and learning about the beautiful  teachings and ceremonies from the Native American Elders.

Diane also walks barefoot over bed of hot embers ,as she recognized this has been practiced by 1000s of people and cultures in all parts of the world; with the earliest known reference dating is back to Iron Age India – c. 1200 BC .

On returning to the UK Diane embarked on becoming a Firewalker Instructor to enable  people to reclaim their full potential. Diane, has completed over160 Firewalks herself and facilitates empowering events with glass walking, arrow and board breaking, bar bending and so much more. She is fully insured to deliver her training and events, holds personally advance police CRB checks and works closely with fire departments when delivering her Firewalking

She is highly trained in many areas and was a student of linage from both USA Tolly Burking, (www. tollyburkan.com) Global Entrepreneur of the Firewalking Movement. Diane is also a breath work practitioner and also trained with Peggy Dylan (www.sundoor.com)(Tolly Burking, ex-wife who both started the Global Firewalking movement)

Within her workshops and events , Diane goes beyond the surface of others and truly sees that if individual step away from the comfort and constraints of their everyday life, boxed in by four walls and the material jungle of society Firewalking and other ways of being can remove old limited beliefs and views and give boundless healing.

She personally has witnessed hundreds of richly rewarding in terms of peoples personal self-development and the activation of their  potential, realise and focus their own talents, make decisions, set goals, awaking and exercising inner strength to expand their true  conscious awareness beyond everyday experiences. She also believes that many of our fears can be controlled and eradicated completely by stepping into our own personal POWER and that this alone can truly motivate us in life. 

Firewalking is a tool used all over the world to help people overcome limiting beliefs that prevent them from using their full potential. It is estimated that only 5 – 6 million people have walked on Fire and this day is an opportunity for many more to experience the joy, wisdom and personal development that can come with Firewalking.

Firewalking is an ancient tradition across all the continents and while it has died out in some countries, it is still a living tradition in many. Since the 1970’s it has become more accessible in Western Culture and now there are Firewalk Instructors in most countries on the planet and NOW we have UK Diane Gower - International Therapist, Certified Fire Instructor.

Are You ready

Firewalking is available to those who have an open mind and determination to take up a challenge which supports you to step into your own personal POWER and truly motivate you about life. Your determination will take you to where you want to go.  Know your limits but never stop trying to exceed them. Reflect within that, is where your strength lies. Learn to be what you are and let go of the things you are not.

Walking on fire enables you to dispel old limited views and feel psychologically reborn. It is richly rewarding in terms of your personal self-development and the activation of your potential, realise and focus your talents, make decisions, set goals, awaking and exercising inner strength to expand your conscious awareness beyond everyday experiences. You will discover meaning, prioritise the important things, and understand the purpose of your life.

Charity Firewalking Angels                                    “Making a difference to peoples lifes”

Why not come along and be someone’s Angle for a few hours. For those raising money, this is a truly valuable opportunity for you to receive abundance of funds, for whichever cause you support. Please aim to raise at least between  £50- £80 for your chosen charity, but we're confident you'll find it easy to get even more, once you start asking!

Whatever your motivation, if you choose to take the Firewalk Angel challenge, the way you feel after just a few steps, will stay with you, empowering you and remind you of your infinite potential FOREVER

So why waste energy on that 25 mile sponsored hike... how about a short firewalk instead? Taking part in a Firewalk is not for the faint-hearted but what a fantastic challenge?  What a unique fundraising idea.  One that will really get people talking and will raise your profile or your organisation with the added bonus of truly raising real HOT MONEY!


On the day/ night please bring a small donate to Diane chosen charity.  Whilst it's not compulsory, we would encourage you to 'dress for the occasion'... think Fairy Wings, Halo … sorry no white tights….

If a group from a charity or organization remember its great ADVERTISMENT, if you have your own unique dress code or T shirts with logo on.

However this event not only gives you the opportunity to do good by raising funds for a deserving cause, but to expand your own mind, and to discover just how much you are truly capable of.

During the seminar you will learn:

•Fear cannot only be controlled, but eliminated altogether

•All the resources you need to move forward in life are already within you

•To reconnect with your own inner confidence

•The skills and attitude to experience the Firewalk

Diane guarantees that everyone will get something unique and treasured for themselves. You will learn about yourself, build bonds with new friends and colleagues who accompany you …and most importantly give you a day to remember that strengthens far beyond your Firewalk......



Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

  1. The minimum age limit for this event is 18 years however under some circumstances this can be discussed prior to event ). There is no upper limit, simply that you are able to walk unsupported.

Is it Firewalking safe?

  1. This is NOT something you should try at home. Diane Gower is a Certified Firewalking Instructor, and takes every step to ensure your safety.

Are spectators allowed?

    1. The workshop is for delegates only, however spectators are welcomed and encouraged for the Angel Firewalk. During the course of the evening, delegates will be updated as to when that is likely to be, so that they can call / text family and friends with a more accurate time, but we would expect the walk to take place approximately 2 hours after starting. Please advise spectators however that for the safety of both themselves and the walkers they must follow instructions given by the event team.

Is it fun?

Yes the other participants will be celebrating each other success while walking the Fire, alongside family and friends.

Where do I get my sponsor form?

    1. After making your booking, the confirmation page will have a link to download the sponsor sheet for this event. The link will also be in the email confirmation you get containing your e-ticket.

Do I have to wear special clothing? ………Not your best clothes

  • Warm comfortable clothing (not nylon)
  • Ladies not long skirts
  • Jeans are good
  • Light coloured tops (best for photo)


What if I have medical conditions?

    1. You take FULL responsibility of your own health, if in doubt seek medical advice from GP, PRIOR to attending.
    2. Unfortunately those with diabetes or foot conditions will be unable to do Firewalking.


Can I have a drink for dutch courage?

    1. No alcohol drinking or drugs during this event, anyone found to have prior or during will NOT WALK and asked to leave by one of our team.

Location address of Firewalks ?

Whissendine Sport Club,

Whissendine Village,

Melton Road,


LE15 7EU


Contact details?

Email - [email protected]


Concerns about event weather?

 Text : 07848956269


Please make sure you leave plenty time to arrive as LATE ARRIVALS will  NOT  be able to participate in seminar and do Firewalk.


Call or text today : 07848956269

May the angel wings of the Eagle bring abundance of love & funding for this truly worthy Individual .

Diane Gower

Certified Firewalker Instructor