International Child and Family Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, FireWalk Instructor   

Grandmother "WISDOM of the wise blood "

Day:  Sunday December 2nd 2018

Time - 10am - 5pm

“Wise blood.”  What a beautiful expression, exquisite in its richness of life, dignity and promise.


Wise blood, the time in every woman’s life when she has lived long enough and experienced more than enough to become “one who knows,” a woman who has gone through the gateway of Changing Woman and stepped into her own sacred self.  It is the time when a woman’s spiritual life truly begins, for change of life is but a process of rebirth into new responsibilities, new mirrors and new power in life.


Not that long ago, the grandparents held the position of the “ones who know how,” the wisest and most respected members of the communities. With the wisdom of their elders as their backbone, they had lived through their own time in history, adding to the knowledge and wisdom imparted to them, and it was their role to pass it all on to the next generation.


This truly humbling day ,will capture the hearts of many as we celebrate those beautiful woman who bring much love, and joy in celebrating the wisdom of older generations who share gifts and strengths and beauty of womanhood from the past, present and for our future generations to come.

This day of ceremony is for all woman who have made the transition and rights of passage to an elder, regardless if you have children or not we truly wish to meet with you all.