International Child and Family Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, FireWalk Instructor   

 Inipi (Sweat Lodge)

A time for prayer, reflection, healing for self, family and communities reaching out to four corners of the world.

Dates to be announced later in the YEAR

Inipi (sweat lodge) will take place around full moon and towards end of each month.

Days and times of lodges will be Saturday or Sunday

from 11am to approx. 4pm  (please arrive promptly)

Where appropriate Inipi building will take place amongst the group , the sacred fire will however be alight.

At end of each lodge there is  something small to eat and drink before travelling home (please feel free to bring something to share)

Each month Diane bring many teachings  within her own linage and diverse teachings from other cultures, within this truly beautiful healing and purification  ceremonies.

To build the energy it would be ideal to attend each month nevertheless we appreciate this is not always possible.

For those who are drummers, flute players, singers, and have rattles please bring along.

Please bring water, towel and clothing for lodges (no nudity) and of course your beautiful selves.

It is also advisable not bring valuables

Voluntary contribution donations of £20 per Inipi  no one  will be  turned away due to low income. We however make a request for a small gift for our alter as way of energetic exchange.

Please note:

Once lodges commence within our communities a  percentage of donations  will be gifted back to Indigenous Native American  woman and their children . This is in respect of their beautiful teachings that I receive on regular basis, freely.

Blessings and thank you all in advance .

See you all very soon and looking forward to meeting new and old friends.

Diane x