International Child and Family Therapist, Firewalk Instructor , Shamanic Practitoner, Holistic Health Practitioner      

Medicine of the Earth & Inner Journey of Self Discovery  For Woman

Inner Spiritual Practice

With Diane Gower


If you’re seeking a vision to embarking on a spiritual practice or deepening such practice - like no other, this course is for YOU.

If you’re seeking a quest of personal-development within your inner personal life and wish to release the blocks and constraints that stop and prevent you from emerging into your true divine birth right and potential – this course is for YOU.

Just IMAGINE, letting go of the hectic life, in our everyday existence and taken time to “RE-TREAT”.  

Just IMAGINE how this will personally transform your day to day life, within yourself, family, community and universe.

Within these weekends you will work with elements of air, fire, water and earth. You will build, develop and learn authentically within a natural sacred spaces, whilst living off the grid, in individual personal sacred space.

You will learn how to reconnect, become in harmony and walk in beauty and balance amongst the elements and their seasons.

You will work with energy, including your toxic thoughts and learn how to transmute this into positive thought forms. So it does not cause harm to yourselves, others, environment and universe.

You will partake in many beautiful multi-cultural, diverse, ceremonies, to heal, explore, learn, teach, change, enable and deepen the richness of medicine that is already residing within you, waiting to manifest and grow.

You will be taught about natural medicines given freely by mother earth and learn about ways of using this affectively in day to day life.

You will be taught about the animal kingdom and power of their medicine and teachings, within their habitat and equally how you can actively use this in your day to day life.

You will also use natural resources to create sacred spaces and tools to enable to support within your life’s journey.


Commitment to YOURSELF.

The course runs over 12month calendar year and consist of components per annum, each of which runs over three days and takes place in the heart of beautiful Rutland. -

  1. Attend 4 Weekends- over the yearly cycle.

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. (Friday to Sund

2. Attend 2  x  1 Day - Personal healing and purification ceremonies (Sunday)      2

3. Attend 1 - Gifting Back & Being of Service to others . .

We request, you humbly gift back three days to be of service to others by becoming a helping “angel”. This will include preparing, setting up and packing away camp, cook, clean, tending to sacred fires and support ceremonies taken place..


Annual fee:  16 days @ £60.00 = £960

          Bi-monthly instalments optional please email Diane direct


Is this course for ME

Question ? – So what’s your spiritual practice?

What do you do to ground yourself daily?

What do you do to ground yourself in the hectic life we all get caught up in.

What makes you feel grounded centred, to feel balanced, so that you can go through the day guided by tremendous love, inner peace and power, the source of which comes from nowhere but within you?

A spiritual practice can be the practice of your religion – or NOT. It can be prayers and psalms, prophets and pilgrimages. It can be poetry, heavenly sound of a music, quiet meditative walk in nature, or a daily writing habit. It can be your time alone reading and studying that which adds to your inner wisdom.

Did you know?  Your spiritual practice is whatever routine that helps you shut out the outside world to dwell on the inner world. It is the practice that gets you closer to the true self because within you lies all the answers to your life’s questions.

Your spiritual practice is whatever zen habits that grounds you in your own truth and helps you get to know your real self.  Who you are. Why you are here. What your purpose is. Where your path lies.  Where your service to humanity comes to life. Where you celebrate your existence.

Your spiritual practice gives you access to your inner sanctum, where your most powerful gifts lie quiet, awaiting your bidding. Your spiritual practice opens the door and lets you walk through. Your spiritual practice brings you home so you never feel lost, confused, overwhelmed or abandoned ever again.

By working with these inner and outer teachings, supports to bring about harmony for ourselves, families, community and world.

“We are all just walking each other home & aim to walk in beauty for our next seven generations and that start with your -self”.