Warmest welcome to Diane Gower-SimplyDivine  

International Child and Family Therapist, Family Constellations Practitioner

Shamanic Practitoner, Breathwork Practitioner, Holistic Health Practitioner,

                            Charity Firewalk Instructor Fundraiser

Walking in Beauty 2

Walking in Beauty                        Starts September 2020- October 2021

Are you ready to walk the path you truly want, if so join a NEW  GROUP of woman as they come together for a 13 monthly cycle.

If you’re seeking a quest of personal-development within your inner personal life and wish to release the blocks and constraints that stop and  prevent you from emerging into your true divine birth right and potential – this is for YOU.

Or if your seeking to embarking on a spiritual practice or deepening such practice like no other .

Just IMAGINE, letting go of the hectic life, in our everyday existence and taken time to "RE-TREAT”. 
Just IMAGINE how this will personally transform your day to day life, within yourself, family, community and universe.

Within these weekends you will work with elements of air, fire, water and earth.
You will build, develop and learn authentically within a natural sacred spaces, whilst living off the grid, in individual personal tents.
You will learn how to reconnect, become in harmony and walk in beauty and balance amongst the elements and their seasons.
You will work with energy, including your toxic thoughts and learn how to transmute this into positive thought forms. So it does not cause harm to yourselves, others, environment and universe.
You will partake in many beautiful multi-cultural, diverse, ceremonies, to heal, explore, learn, teach, change, enable and deepen the richness of medicine that is already residing within you, waiting to manifest and grow.
You will be taught about natural medicines given freely by mother earth and learn about ways of using this affectively in day to day life.
You will be taught about the animal kingdom and power of their medicine and teachings, within their habitat and equally how you can actively use this in your day to day life.
You will also use natural resources to create sacred spaces and tools to enable to support within your life’s journey.

PLEASE NOTE PLACES ARE LIMITED  For more details contact Diane direct on [email protected]

 (Once places are  taken this becomes a closed group)

Monthly Day -Take place on Saturday or Sunday from -10am -6pm /7pm

Monthly Camping Weekends - Take place Saturday 10 am - Sunday 1/2pm 

During winter months we have log fire in our new elementary sanctuary. 


Dates are as follows -

Walking in Beauty 2 Confirmed dates

Sunday 20th September

Gathering Introduction Day 10am – 6pm/7pm

Saturday/Sunday 24-25th October

Walking in Beauty 2 Medicine of Earth Retreat

Saturday 21st November

Sacred Space

Sunday 13th December

Ancestral Constellation 9am- 7pm

Saturday 16th January

Ancestral Constellation 9am – 7pm

Sunday 21st February

Soul Searching 9am –5 pm

Saturday/Sunday 20th /21st March

Winter Ends /Spring Equinox Weekend

Medicine of Earth

Saturday Sunday 11th /12TH April

Mother Earth Healing Lodges

Saturday Sunday 15th / 16th May

Spiral Walk

Thursday /Friday/ Saturday/Sunday 17th/ 18th /19th /20th June

Walking in Beauty Gathering Spiral Dance (Summer Solstice)

Saturday/ Sunday 17-18 July

Sacred Fire Healing Retreat Weekend

Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday 21st /22nd August

Walking in Beauty Retreat/ Full Moon Woman Lodge

September ( Dates to be confirmed)

Invite to Walking in Beauty Woman Gathering USA

Saturday –Sunday 16-17 October

Give Away - Closing of Year Circle

Exchange includes: Camping, light breakfast & lunch (Evening meals not provided please bring along to share ) Cost £60 day retreats/ Weekends retreats –£80 

Please note: For those who have family members or friends please bring your OWN tents you will be required to sleep separately

Please bring all necessities for camping , towel, sarong or long tunic and Tshirt for Mother Earth Lodges.

Please note; For your first weekend please bring an old or new large blanket for the Mother Earth Lodge as an offering.   

Please bring a Skirt as you will require to wear while in Ceremony and Warm foot wear/socks and additional clothing as the elements love to appear when unexpected especially needed when tending to the Sacred fire during the night.

Please bring any sacred objects such as drum and hot water bottle/ rattles/ flutes etc.

May you walk in beauty and we all hope to see you ALL very soon