International Child and Family Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, FireWalk Instructor   

 Inipi (Sweat Lodge)

A time for prayer, reflection, healing for self, family and communities reaching out to four corners of the world.

Inipi (sweat lodge) will take place around full moon and towards end of each month.

Days and times of lodges will be usually Saturday or Sundays

from 10am to approx.5 pm  (please arrive promptly)

Where appropriate Inipi building will take place amongst the group , the sacred fire will however be alight.

At end of each lodge there is  something small to eat and drink before travelling home (please feel free to bring something to share)

Each month Diane bring many teachings  within her own linage and diverse teachings from other cultures, within this truly beautiful healing and purification  ceremonies.

To build the energy it would be ideal to attend each month nevertheless we appreciate this is not always possible.

For those who are drummers, flute players, singers, and have rattles please bring along.

Please bring water, towel and clothing for lodges (no nudity) and of course your beautiful selves.

It is also advisable not bring valuables

You will be sent a email on all details prior to attending

Within this day you will come together as a community and feel the connection of mother earth to purify, cleanses the mind, body and spirit by releasing old patterns, thoughts, beliefs and much sorrow that we hold onto day to day and be supported with divine motherly love.

Sacred Sweatlodge ceremonies are based on many ancient linages and their rituals with added elements coming from a variety of Shamanic and meditation traditions. The lodge itself symbolises the womb. We enter in sacred silence and then experience the power of heated volcanic stones, blessed water, sacred herbs, guided by many prayers, meditations, songs ,chants, drumming, while being  cleansed, purified and spiritually re-connected.It is important to follow some guidelines in preparation to attend a Sweatlodge ceremony

The Sacred Sweatlodge has a long and wonderful history, spanning several continents, names and traditions. The current revival in Sweatlodge comes to us courtesy of a number of Native American and traditions, where fortunately this amazing practice has been carried on into modern times.

In other cultures, particularly in northern Europe and the British Isles, there are remnants of evidence that ceremonial sweating was part of general spiritual traditions.

Here in England, this sacred sweatlodge brings teachings from my own Irish and Scottish ancestor linage. Which in-cooperates personal experience and teachings from Celtic teachers and indigenous Native American people to bring back this age-old tradition within our communities.

The ceremony takes place in an inipi, a specially-built dome-shaped structure covered in canvas and containing a central pit for heated stones. We gather outside the Inipi where everyone is smudged with sacred white sage before entering the lodge and in this traditional all participants will be given a small piece of tobacco as an offering of gratitude to the Sacred Fire.

During the ceremony several rounds of red-hot volcanic rocks are brought into the inipi, placed in the central pit, blessed with sacred herbs and words and then sprinkled with blessed water. This can be enhanced by guided meditations, chants and drumming.


 You will need to fast before the ceremony for at least 4 hours. So for the midday sweat it’s reasonable to have a light breakfast at around 6am For those attending late afternoon or evening lodges it’s good to have a nice healthy light lunch. After that it’s best just to drink plenty of water and maybe have a juice or a small amount of fruit if you get really hungry.

Hydration is vital as you are bound to lose a lot of fluid in the form of sweat during the ceremony, and we don’t actually drink in the inipi until we share blessed water at the end of the ceremony. We recommend that you keep a water bottle with you for several hours before the lodge and sip often.

Please note that  you take full responsibility for your health and if you are taking any medication or have any medical concerns we need to know (discretely) beforehand to make sure that you have a safe and effective journey.

Even if we or you determine that it may not be in your best interest to actually sweat inside the lodge, it is still possible to participate actively in the vital and responsible role of Fire tender.

If any women are on their bleeding time it’s absolutely fine for their MOON time , they still can take part in the ceremony. It is a good idea, however, for you let Diane know discretely beforehand as the present of a menstruating woman in the circle has been known to increase the power of the lodge in a wonderful way.

Leaving the lodge

It’s OK for you to leave the lodge at any time if you find that the process is too intense or that you are too uncomfortable. However, once you leave the lodge we ask that you don’t come back in, as it disturbs the process for the group. So it’s a good idea to push yourself a bit if you are feeling a bit challenged. The door is opened and some fresh air brought in when each round of stones comes in, and the general energy of the group is monitored by Diane and door keeper to make sure everyone is safe and has a good experience. If you do leave the lodge, it’s a good idea to sit or lie down next to the inipi so you can still join in the prayers songs, chants and meditations.


 Like any deep experience, your intention is very important, and worth having a good think about before you arrive.



 We have a number of Sweatlodges throughout the year and some are mixed therefore no nudity at any time.

 If you like, you can wear shorts and t shirts and woman to wear sarongs over legs and no see through t shirts or clever age showing.

lodge and in the areas around the lodge.

What to bring:


 Sarong or similar to preserve your modesty inside and outside of the lodge.

 •A water bottle to make sure you’re hydrated before the ceremony

 •A plate of vegetarian or vegan food to share afterwards


Some words you might hear in the lodge ceremony:

“Aho” … means “I have spoken”, said at the end of an intention statement or when you have finished a sharing. Often echoed by the rest of the group, accompanied by the namaste gesture (praying hands at the heart).

“Mitakuye Oyasin” … means “all my relations”, an expression of the interconnectedness of all beings in the universe. We use this as a blessing for the stones as they are brought into the lodge.

“Senna” … means simply “thank-you”

“Tunkashila” … Great Spirit


Donation only - All our sweat lodges are for NON PROFIT however we kindly request there is a energy exchange of a  gratitude donation which goes toward supplies and food for the day. -Thankyou

 Many Blessings and thank you all in advance .

See you all very soon and looking forward to meeting new and old friends.

Diane x