International Child and Family Therapist, Firewalk Instructor , Shamanic Practitoner, Holistic Health Practitioner      

Last night I finished two days of an incredible spiritual journey. This journey began a year ago and has taken 12months to complete. Words cannot describe my ov...erwhelming happiness and peace for the blessing of sharing this with Diane Molloy Gower, Chief Standing Cloud and all the beautiful souls on the retreat. As I drove out of the retreat my direction was toward the beautiful sunset. My heart is full💕

Amazing weekend with awesome people....such an honour to learn from chief standing cloud and Diane Molloy Gower, so much gratitude to both xx

Beautiful awesome hard work too what a wonderful experience n truly blessed to have Diane Molloy Gower and chief standing cloud leading the way. Not only do I feel amazing i also learnt so much....best of all I went a stranger and returned with our tribe thanks to all🙏 xxx

I was honoured to be here last week, a very magical space in time and I hope many more to come, I hope next time some of you will join us on another incredible journey. Thankyou Diane Molloy Gower ❤️