Warmest welcome to Diane Gower - Simply Divine  

International Child and Family Therapist, Family Constellations Practitioner

Shamanic Practitoner, Breathwork Practitioner, Holisitc Health Practitioner,

                            Charity Firewalk Instructor Fundraiser

Sunday 9th February 2020

Walking YOUR truth

Lets HEAR from YOU now 


and let that "Voice Sing"

This healing workshop will be self reflective , deeply healing,  powerful and more importantly transformational  as you  begin to realise your dreams and unleash the voice deep within your soul .

"You also in turn will  be held in a supportive environment of a learning community while  at one with nature for inspiration, observing how animals communicate; you will develop a greater confidence in the power of your own voice and body."

How many were told from a young aged "children should be seen, but not heard". 

Then continue through your life to have parents, teachers, partners, bosses and many more, stifle your self expression.  This then being internalized and becoming a pattern of your own behaviour leaving you retreating within yourself and holding onto a multitude of different emotions ie  sadness , angry ,then redirected (projecting )this onto others.  Due to YOUR frustration, but more importantly have you thought, the detrimental affects this has within your body (mind , body ,spirit)

By exploring these emotions you will become to understand for one, that they let you know what to do in a given situation. Such as they can help you avoid danger or a potential threat for example :

If your heart jumps as soon as your car swerves to the side, that’s your cue to tighten your grip on the wheel and steer in the right direction.

  • Emotions also motivate you to take action. If your abusive relationship has been making you increasingly angry, that’s your cue to set boundaries (or, in the worst-case scenario, get out of the relationship).

  • Emotions also clue you in on your likes and dislikes. If you feel angry because your colleague is taking credit for your hard work, you may want to sign the projects you send your boss next time.

  • Emotions also help others to understand you and what you feel. Your expressions, body language, and words all reflect your inner world to those around you.

  • Emotions are crucial to effective communication. You can let someone know whether their behavior is acceptable by displaying a specific nonverbal cue. By the same token, others can let you know how they feel using similar nonverbal cues.

 How many of you  have dreamed of standing up and express yourselves  in many settings yet as we approach the situation we STOP or  express it in a derogatory way, leaving yourself feeling worse.

If this is YOU we want to SEE and more importantly HEAR from YOU 

                                                                                                                           Walk in beauty.