International Child and Family Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, FireWalk Instructor   


Ceremony Mask Making

“An awaking and willingness to enrol on this truly profound  inner journey, upon penetrating the darkness of inner silence be ready to enter your own personal  portal of life and all its great mystery’s”.

Diane Gower 

In 1998 Diane undertook training in Therapeutic Mask Making with a Shamanic Practitioner. This year she further developed her skills in the form of Life Body Sculpturing with accredited International Sculpture trainer

 Diane is now again facilitating Ceremony Mask Making workshop that will be profoundly personal to each and every one by shredding off the layers of the old persona and transforming and renewing the new, from one cycle of life to the next stage.

 For the bearer becomes a true seeking of knowing and linking with spirit as used by many shaman traditions by opening a deep layer of consciousness in obtaining wisdom, gaining protection, seeking guidance in celebrations and rites of passage and for healing .It then moves into an ancient symbol of ascending and power .


Date: To be confirmed

 Time -10am -6pm

Venue- Variable within the UK and Europe


Price- £180 (Includes your own personal 3D mask to take home worth £550)

Ready to make your own personal Life Sculpture Mask-

Many mask were  held  for significance ceremonial place throughout history by covering  the face, for variety of reasons such as protect, disguise, entertain or used for ceremonial ritual practices, some dating back to the oldest one to date in 7000 BC.

Capture that moment in time and reflect your ancestors and make history for your future generations to come…….


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